About Us

Symbolic Silver - All that we know has been giving to us by our forbearers; symbology included.

We make simply significant jewelry.

We use only the highest quality sterling silver and turn important symbols into stunning and attractive wearables. Silver symbols of significance, faith, religion, geographical location, cultural, race, constellations, astrological and secretive are represented here. If you don't see what you're looking for, please let us know. There's a good chance it is either in the works or we can make it for you.

Ethically sourced and hand crafted in Canada.

Symbols can give us some meaning or understanding of the world that surrounds us. Symbols can often act as a guide or grounds which many make daily decisions. For this, many use symbols or symbology as a means to filter the world around them and to identify and coexist with those within it. It has been said, that a sign or symbol is a visual manifestation of an idea, belief or deeper indicator of a universal truth. Often shrouded in mystery, complex metaphors and multiple interpretations or meanings. Symbols are at the primal basis of all mankind and act to express various cultures, ideologies, social structures and even hierarchy's. All that we know has been given to us by our forbearers. Symbols included.

All inquiries can be directed to info@symbolicsilver.com